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    Caspioplast – is an expert in HDPE pipes!

       Caspio Plast LLP is specializes in production of polyethylene pipes of different diameter for gas supply, water supply, water disposal and industrial pipelines.  Caspio Plast company entered the Kazakhstan…

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    Caspioplast – is an expert in HDPE pipes!


     Caspio Plast LLP is specializes in production of polyethylene pipes of different diameter for gas supply, water supply, water disposal and industrial pipelines.

     Caspio Plast company entered the Kazakhstan producer’s market comparatively not long ago, but already approved itself as an expert in its industry. Since setting-up of a company, we had set a task to release products of supreme class. Modern technologies as well as equipment and raw material from the world’s leading companies allow us achieving this.

     Modern extrusion equipment is supplied by Battenfeld-Cincinnati company. It has over 100-year experience in the field of extruding machine production. Equipment of this company exceeds its competitors on multiple parameters. We purchase a high-quality polyethylene in SABIC company which achieved billionth turnover and also has its representative offices and production centers in over 35 countries worldwide.

     Cooperation with our company is:

     Quality. Caspio Plast does its best to make the clients satisfied with quality of offered products.

     Individual approach. We appreciate our client and understand their needs, we are always ready to mutually beneficial cooperation, long-term, reliable and open relations with our partners.

     Professionalism. Our company has a well-qualified personnel. Most of employees passed education and professional training at the leading enterprises of Europe, so you can make sure of our competency.

     Effectiveness. We appreciate our clients’ time. Our personnel try to do their best so our customers could place an order without any delays, and then receive goods.

     We offer you products and service to which you have not any claims!



      Battenfeld-Cincinnati company develops, designs, produces and sells high-quality innovative extruders and extrusion equipment for plastics processing. Battenfeld-Cincinnati is a world market’s leader in this industry and has its own production sites in Germany, Austria, China and USA.

    Battenfeld-Cincinnati offers innovative solutions for designing and distinguishes by quality of produced products. The company’s experience allows finding the most effective methods of problem solving and providing service to its clients at the highest level. Exactly these became key factors for Caspio Plast while deciding Battenfeld-Cincinnati to be its partner.


       SABIC is one of the world's No. 1 producers of chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metals. The company was established in 1976 and today it operates in over 40 countries. SABIC’s headquarters is located in Saudi Arabia, that is mainly determines the character of seeing the business. The main value of the company is always durable relationship with partners and clients.

    The company continues growing and improves its technologies for satisfying the market and mainly clients needs. For this purpose, the program was created under which the scientists in different places in the world develop new patents. Such approach to work allowed SABIC to become one of the best and largest worldwide producers of MEG, MTBE, granulated polycarbonate and the row of other chemical products. For example, new line for production of polyethylene pipe brands allows SABIC to improve production formula.

    Cooperation with the companies SABIC and Battenfeld-Cincinnati allows CaspioPlast always be at the height of innovations and offer to the clients the high-quality products produced according to the latest technologies.

  • Products

    Caspio Plast company produces high-quality pipes from primary polyethylene of low
    pressure of PE-100 brand. The products are produced at the equipment of Battenfeld-
    Cincinnati and strictly complies with state standards (GOST 18599-2001 for water,
    GOST 50838-95 for gas), that allows us to guarantee a high quality of the offered
    products to our customers.
    The pipes produced by the company may have the following diameter ration 160 to 630

    Caspio Plast LLP presents 4 basic types of products at the market:

    Pipes for water pipeline
    Polyethylene pipes for water supply marked with blue color. They withstand high
    pressure and temperatures up to 40°С. They are suitable for utility and drinking water
    supply system and transportation of other liquids.

    Pipes for water disposal (sewer)
    Polyethylene pipes for water disposal are applied for pressure and free-flow sewage
    communications at a temperature of transported liquid 0 to 40°С.

    Pipes for process liquids
    Pipes intended for underground transportation of liquids used as raw material and fuel
    for industrial and utility-domestic purposes. It is also acceptable to use these pipes for
    transportation of other liquids to which polyethylene is chemically stable.

    Pipes for gas
    Gas polyethylene pipes marked with yellow color. They are intended for gas
    transportation, used while construction of new gas distribution systems or repair related
    to substitution of separate elements.

  • Services


      As of today, one of acute problems at the industrial market of polyethylene pipes is production of defective polyethylene products. Frequently the producers aiming to reduce price and acquire more clients use secondary raw material which is predominantly suitable only for production of packaging film. Pipes made of such material do not comply with conditions and loads for which they are intended. Acquiring polyethylene pipes made of cheap and unsatisfactory raw material, the client runs the risk because in this case even a small failure may become a serious problem. Some producers use unsatisfactory or out-dated equipment that in its turn also has a negative impact on quality of pipe extrusion and formation.

    Caspio Plast company while producing polyethylene pipes uses modern high-quality equipment of Battenfeld-Cincinnati company and the brand of raw material, PE-100, of Sabic company, which contains increased amount of heat stabilizer which prevents decomposition of polyethylene while processing in the extruder and butt-seam welding of fabricated pipe. The products of Caspio Plast complies with statestandards (GOST 18599-2001 for water, GOST 50838-95 for gas), withstands temperatures 0 to 40 оС and distinguishes by high strength. Caspio Plast LLP is responsible before the customer and can provide the manufacturer’s warranty for all its products while pipe laying by our partners.

    Being the specialists in this field, we understand how it is important not only to acquire high-quality pipes but lay them properly. Today, to find a construction company that could conscientiously and properly lay pipes is not so easy. That is exactly why for convenience and calmness of the customer Caspio Plast LLP cooperates with reliable contractors, in cooperation with which the company carries out the works on installation of polyethylene pipes.

    While execution of such work, either trench or trenchless methods can be used. Furthermore, it is possible to use controlled directional drilling, puncture or thrust boring while pipe laying.

    Use of only primary polyethylene, technologically correct pipe extrusion and formation as well as proper installation allow Caspio Plast company to provide the customer with firm pipeline and also to guarantee quality of provided services and used products for the whole lifetime.




  • Location

    Sub-zone No.3, Seaport Aktau SEZ, industrial zone, Aktau, 130000,
    Mangistau region, Republic of Kazakhstan

    +7 7292 304401
    +7 702 487 9878


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